Crocker Smith

Ketchup, Ashton Lane, Glasgow

This project was designed by Graven Images. Robbie Crocker was involved as an interior designer.

‘Ketchup’ arose from a commission by the G1 Group to create a new concept for a gourmet burger restaurant including brand identity and interiors. Graven Images developed the ketchup brand to reinvigorate the burger bar concept for a whole new audience.

Starting with a first unit in the west end of Glasgow, the aim was to create an environment to convey values of fresh produce and on-site production of excellent burgers. The interior was to appeal to a young demographic, but be classic and of high quality. This was to be reflected in all aspects of the design.

Following the huge success of the initial unit, Graven Images was engaged to design further branches in Glasgow’s Southside and Dundee, with Robbie having a lead design role.

photography © G1 Group