Crocker Smith

Tinderbox, Ingram Street, Glasgow

This project was designed by Graven Images. Robbie Crocker was involved as an interior designer.

Tinderbox is one of the UK’s leading independent coffee shop chains.
The brief for the Ingram Street Tinderbox was to take the concept first devised by Graven Images for the Byres Road branch, and move it on further. Unlike in that branch, Ingram Street was to serve food and alcohol, and have space for live music and events. Graven Images, with Robbie Crocker as interior designer, produced an interior with both ‘industrial’ and ‘rich’ elements. A mirrored stainless steel portal with recessed gate provides a strong initial design element for customers on entry. Expanded steel balustrades and pebble stone floor are contrasted with leather upholstery and veneered panels. The result is an outlet which quickly became an ‘anchor’ for a once-quiet part of Ingram Street, and is a popular and busy meeting place for a range of customers; local residents, students at the nearby university, as well as business people.

Photography © Robbie Crocker